A Blended Community

I was recently reading an article on step parenting and blended families when I came across a list of facts. One stood out to me. It stated, 1,300 new blended families are created every day. source

I haven’t researched this fact enough to know how accurate it is exactly, but I do know there are a lot of us blended families. A whole lot.

The idea of starting a blog on the subject of blended families, parenting, and step parenting has been on my heart. I have day dreamed about it and jotted down idea after idea for potential blog posts. But why? Before I launch this idea into the world of blogging I needed to understand my why. Why am I set on the idea of blended families, and more importantly why is this topic significant to you?

When I met my husband he was a single dad with two boys, and I was a single mom with one boy. We went all in on our relationship. When you have kids in the mix you’re either sure or you’re not. We were sure. Blended family here we come. Now we have been a family of five, my four boys and me, for over four years.

My husband recently told me that his grandfather said, any expert is just someone who has done it before. This is my second marriage and blended family. My first marriage was also a blended family. I was a step mom before I was a mom. Here I am, just a girl from a nuclear family. Imagine the learning curve. I’m not claiming expert status, but I will claim experience which brings me back to my why. Why is this the topic I’m most passionate about? Well because it is my life and I want to be the best version of me in my life. It’s important to have a community of other parents, step parents, and friends who also want to be the best possible version of themselves in their life.

I figure if you’re here it’s either because you caved when I begged you to go read my first blog post, or you crave more information and community in the area of parenting in a blended family as well. If there really are 1,300 new blended families every day, imagine the community we could have here. Maybe you’re not in a blended family yet, but you’re a single parent in the world of dating with kids in tow. Spoiler alert, a blended family will be your result. But oh what a result it is.

I would love to know who you are and what brought you here. What are some topics you struggle with or would love to hear a different view-point on? Do you need advise? Are you unsure of the responsibility of a step parent? Are you feeling reluctance or conflict when trying to build relationships with your step children? Or what about the relationship with the other parent? These are all topics and questions that have crossed my mind over the years, but I’ve never been sure where and when to reach out. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I know what has worked for me so far and would love to be your resource.

3 thoughts on “A Blended Community

  1. I was a single mom of one boy and my husband had two girls so we became a instant family. Later we added two boys of ours and we became, “yours, mine and ours”.
    Then a few years ago my bff asked me if anything ever happened to her would I take care of her kids..I of course said yes not thinking for any reason,I would need to step in as her kids were adults and productive members of society. On 3/30/13,she and her husband the DA in Kaufman County were murdered..we found them that day;(. ..so….now we are a blended family of “ your, mine, ours and THEIRS!”(and my son, married my bffs daughter , so she really is my daughter now!!). Your family is, who you love and who loves you unconditionally.;)

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  2. Your blended family (and many others) has more pure, clean, and unconditional love than a bunch of nuclear families. Love the blog. Keep up the great work!!

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